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Make Room for . . . Ironing?


WHEN I THINK about home and design I don’t generally think about laundry and ironing. Which probably explains why I dread going down to my basement “laundry room,” where there are two old, mismatched appliances, no surface for folding clothes and a nasty old utility sink. I hang some clothes to dry along one of the water or gas pipes that pass through this corner of hell. And I certainly don’t spend time down there ironing.

Designing comfortable, attractive spaces for such chores is what allows us to do them, not put them off until we run out of undies. (Okay, we don’t iron undies, but you get my point.)

Becky Harris of Atlanta contributed this story to Houzz.com and we thought we’d share it with you. I for one am taking notes.

—Nancy McKeon

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