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What Are You Wearing New Year’s Eve?

December 27, 2016

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IF YOUR IDEA OF celebrating New Year’s Eve is slipping on your footed pj’s and curling up with a good book, stop reading now. But if you’ve got an occasion to dress up for, we can help.

It’s hard to remember a season when “more is more” dressing was more in fashion. Which means an abundance of ruffled blouses, velvet everything, sequin skirts and tops, metallic shoes and shiny handbags. In a store near you.

But you don’t need to pull out all these bells and whistles to party in, just one well-chosen accessory or item of clothing. Accent your basic black sheath with dangly crystal earrings or a silvery scarf.  A frilly blouse, sequin shoes or a glittery cardigan will make any of your same-old wardrobe choices look brand new.

— Janet Kelly


One thought on “What Are You Wearing New Year’s Eve?

  1. Nancy says:

    Anything sparkly will do! And champagne!

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