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They Do (Christmas) Windows!

December 7, 2016

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REMEMBER when shopping meant going downtown? Strolling the sidewalks and gazing into shop windows? Before shopping malls decided stores didn’t really need much in the way of windows at all?


The opening image of Google’s “Window Wonderland,” showing Cartier’s Fifth Avenue home. / Google photo.

Manhattan still has those displays—edgy at Barneys New York, lush at Bergdorf’s, kiddie-delight at Lord & Taylor and Macy’s, glittery and gorgeous at Saks and Bloomingdale’s, ethereal at ABC Carpet & Home—and thanks to Google we can see some of the sights, 18 in all, without going all Vamoose or Bolt Bus.

Some of the displays are more about the “sell” than others, but I don’t think I’ll ever think about Louis Vuitton again without also thinking about puffins (you’ll see). Makes me feel like a kid again, without the numb toes.

—Nancy McKeon


A window at Barneys New York up on Madison Avenue, part of the humorously subversive #LovePeaceJoy Project featuring “South Park” characters. / Google photo. / On the front: Lord & Taylor’s “Enchanted Forest” windows on Fifth Avenue feature 34 hand-sculpted holiday animals. / Google photo.

4 thoughts on “They Do (Christmas) Windows!

  1. Capelluto-Schor Violette says:

    Je deteste lorsque le soft modifie leur erreurs: J’ai écrit MAGASINS et non pas magazines !

    1. Nancy McKeon says:

      Merci, Violette!

  2. Capelluto-Schor Violette says:

    Les plus beaux magasins !! Et non pas magazines !

  3. Capelluto-Schor Violette says:

    Chere Nancy,
    J’adore ton texte sur les vitrines des plus beaux magazine a N.Y.
    Merci encore de nous avoir fait rever cette semaine a Villeneuve les Avignon.
    Je te souhaire un tres joyeux Noel et une merveilleuse annee 2017.
    Hugs et bisicous.

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