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Donald Trump’s Ex Launches Website

November 6, 2016

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marlawebMARLA MAPLES, the second of Donald Trump’s ex-wives and mother of their daughter Tiffany (who looks exactly like a Barbie Doll but is actually human), has launched what is described as “a new lifestyle website.” This is of course very exciting news for all of us average people who need instructions on how to live, and in fact may even lack a lifestyle altogether.  I took a quick peek at it and saw that in the “About” section, Marla describes herself as a “vegan” and a “carnivore (lol).” Right away I knew she had tons of useful tips, like how the addition of “lol” right after something makes whatever you said right before it acceptable.

Mostly I am excited to finally learn the difference between a “life” and a “lifestyle.” I’m pretty sure I just have the former, but I would not mind having the latter as it seems to make people happy. I looked it up and found out that a lifestyle is “a particular way a person lives.” Developing one will be a stretch for me as up until now I have lived willy-nilly; I’m not a big planner. For example, one day I might sit around and do absolutely nothing, and the next I might be quite active and may even get something done.

Clearly my problem until now has been my lack of a lifestyle. But it’s never too late, and perhaps if I spend some time reading Marla’s website I’ll figure out how to get one (lol).

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  1. Love you Andrea, that made me laugh – out loud even.

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