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Double-Duty Color

November 22, 2016


WHEN ALBERT EINSTEIN was asked why he used a bar of soap instead of shaving cream, he was rumored to have responded, “Two soaps, too complicated.”

The same might be said of lipstick and blush. Using one item instead of two simplifies one’s makeup routine, streamlines the clutter in the bathroom or dressing table and cuts down on expenses. And as makeup artists know, one color on the lips and cheeks instantly coordinates a look. For the busiest few weeks of holiday partying, it’s hard to deny the convenience of a twofer.

Enter products like Bobbi Brown’s best-selling pot rouge, a cream-based formula for a sheer, stained lip and cheek; Yves Saint Laurent’s Baby Doll Kiss & Blush with a mousse consistency and RMS’s new Lip2Cheek product filled with all environmentally friendly ingredients. 

— Janet Kelly


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