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The Transit of Closets

August 23, 2016


IF THERE’S A TIME of the year when I truly feel as if I have nothing to wear, it is about to arrive. Despite the triple-digit heat of last week, I can hear the rustle of leaves. Don’t ditch your white jeans yet or any of your warm-weather go-tos, but it’s time to start thinking transitional. There’s no bigger fan of wearing white tip-to-toe, but by the beginning of September, it starts looking a little less, er, crisp than when you wore it in June. As  August wanes, sneak a little fall into your summer — with color, pattern and textured fabrics.

—Janet Kelly
Janet Kelly is the editor of MyLittleBird. She recently wrote a post about the new look of pantsuits. 

3 thoughts on “The Transit of Closets

  1. Nancy says:

    Aren’t we all still on a calendar that says September is the start of the New Year? Hard not to look longingly at those wonderful sweaters in the stores….and the new boots!

  2. Carol says:

    you are so right, a hard time to know what to wear. I have an October 8 wedding in Pennsylvania and will wait to decide outfit until end of September!!!

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      Yep, need to check the weather forecast. I’m assuming you’re figuring out options …

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