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Pretty Gossip: Best Neutral Lipsticks for Dry Lips

July 26, 2016


We’re partnering with the PrettyGossip blog to provide this story. PrettyGossip is the site where a beauty-obsessed woman shares things she has tried — cosmetics, treatments, procedures — to make her feel pretty. PrettyGossip is pretty honest about the products she tries. She acknowledges that she sometimes receives samples of new products for review, but she tells the truth (at least her truth) about them. 

I LOVE LIP products. I have chronically dry lips, so I always have to have a moisturizing lipstick with me at ALL times. Just recently, I went through my purse and found 10 (yes, ten) lipsticks in my bag. A part of me was embarrassed, but at the same time, I was happy because I had 10 of the best neutral lipsticks for dry lips right in my hands. With so many options to choose from, I hope this review helps narrow down your search because you can never have enough lipsticks.

I posted this picture on Instagram and I was happy to hear that many of you also shared my lipstick hoarding problems!

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If you’re looking for a great neutral or natural lipstick color, I recommend any of these. Some have more berry tone, while other are more nude. I have a nice selection of lipstick shades and textures that are all great for even the driest of lips!!! Here’s the line up.

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A closer look at each color.

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And of course, what lipstick review is complete without swatches!

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  • MAC- On Hold (Cremesheen)– Cost: $20. Shade: Pinky red. Coverage: Good. Texture: Creamy. Finish: Shiny. Moisture: Very emollient. My Thoughts: This is a brighter shade than I would normally wear, but I find that it’s a nice pop of pink with a touch of red.
  • POP Beauty – Nude (Matte Velvet)– Cost: $16. Shade: Brownish nude. Coverage: Medium. Texture: Soft. Finish: Matte. Moisture: Very comfortable for a matte formula. My Thoughts: The perfect nude color that won’t wash you out. Provides a great nude base that can be worn alone or layered with a pink to create an amazing ombre look. This shade is like the matte version of MAC’s Hug Me.
  • Pixi Beauty– Bitten Rose (Lip Balm)– Cost: $12. Shade: Deep pinky red. Coverage: Full. Texture: Soft Matte Luster. Finish: Satin Matte Shine. Moisture: Surprisingly moisturizing. My Thoughts: This is a pinky red, a shade deeper than MAC’s On Hold.
  • Urban Decay– Naked (Cream)– Cost: $17. Shade: Nude pink. Coverage: Full. Texture: Cream Lipstick. Finish: Satin Shiny. Moisture: Regular lipstick.  My Thoughts: A pretty nude pink that covers and leaves your lips feeling comfortable.
  • Givenchy– Nude Guipure (Semi Matte)– Cost: $36. Shade: Brownish pinky nude. Coverage: Medium. Texture: Feels velvety soft. Finish: Satin. Moisture: Regular lipstick.  My Thoughts: I LOVE the texture of this lipstick. It has a almost like a cushiony feel and is so creamy that glides on like butter. Literally glides on like butter. It has great color payoff and the perfect “your lips but better” shade.
  • MAC– Hug Me (Lustre)– Cost: $17. Shade: Brownish pinky nude. Coverage: Medium. Texture: Creamy lipstick. Finish: Shiny. Moisture: Regular lipstick.  My Thoughts: Another great pinky nude a brown undertones. A tad more brown when compared to Givenchy’s Nude Guipure. Very similar to POP Beauty’s Nude shade, except this one has a shiny finish.
  • Pixi Beauty– Sweet Peach (Lip Balm)– Cost: $12. Shade: Apricot peach Coverage: Medium+. Texture: Lip balm. Finish: Shiny. Moisture: Moisturizing like a lip balm.  My Thoughts: Although this is a lip balm, it covers and has a color payoff of a full lipstick! Amazing!
  • POP Beauty– Rose Berry (Lip Balm)– Cost: $16. Shade: Berry.  Coverage: Sheer+. Texture: Emollient. Finish: Shiny. Moisture: Moisturizing like a lip balm.  My Thoughts: I love this product much more than I thought. I was quite impressed with this cheap lip balm. Lots of color payoff while keeping my lips moisturized.
  • Sigma Beauty– Rubicund (Lip Crayon) Cost: $15 Shade: Berry.  Coverage: Full. Texture: Lip crayon. Finish: Semi matte. Moisture: This lip crayon isn’t as moisturizing as the other products, but it is amazing for a full coverage matte crayon.   My Thoughts: This shade is a similar to POP Beauty’s Rose Berry, but has a matte finish. I love the intense color payoff.
  • Urban Decay– Rapture (Cream) Cost: $17. Shade: Deep dusty rose with plum.  Coverage: Full. Texture: Cream. Finish: Satin Shiny. Moisture: Regular lipstick. My Thoughts: This is probably the deepest shade in my purse. It is a deep plum with a touch of pink. Slightly vampy.

I hope this review was helpful in finding your perfect nude shade. I love sharing my favorite beauty products with you. If you have products that you love, please let me know in the comments below! I’d love to try them, too. That’s the spirit of Pretty Gossip… Gossiping about things that help us feel and look pretty.

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