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Just Trying to Feel Cooler in D.C.

THIS STORY ISN’T ABOUT much of anything. I’m just sitting here searching for images of things that will make me feel less miserable. I’m an AC type of gal bonded with an outdoors type of dog. A shady corner of the park, sure. But all the way indoors? What’s that about? Listen, Mom, with your iPad and data plan we can sit out under the trees (swatting gnats) and you can still work! Humpph.

So I’m just hunting and pecking around the Internet channeling pale blues and greens, imagining tropical drinks with paper umbrellas. Don’t actually want to drink the drinks, just look at them, feel the cold glass in my hand. (And I bought some paper umbrellas last year in case I want to act on the impulse.)

Gotta go for a walk now, but I’ll keep looking for cool inspiration.

—Nancy McKeon





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