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Solving Life’s Pesky Problems

May 22, 2016




I WISH ALL THOSE nerdy scientists would stop trying to cure diseases. After all, there are so many, why bother, because if you don’t get one you’ll likely get another. Instead they should knuckle down and concentrate on making our lives easier, which is especially important if we get one of those uncured diseases, by the way. Fortunately for us, some of them are trying.

An article in last week’s Wall Street Journal details how much effort is being put into solving one of life’s peskiest problems: folding laundry. Thank goodness the great minds over at General Electric and Samsung have their priorities straight, because studies have shown that folding laundry is on everyone’s hate list. In fact, many people, fed up with the Sisyphean task, have simply stopped doing it altogether, opting to dump out their freshly laundered clothes in big piles and live the wrinkled life.

In the very same paper there is breaking news about a new product from Google that will do just about everything else for you, saving you countless hours to sprawl in front of the TV or do whatever. The virtual assistant is voice-activated, so you can just yell over to it to make a dinner reservation while you do more important things, like take a bubble bath or nap.

I am pretty excited about all these advances and look forward to a day in the not-too-distant future when I can get some app to write this blog. Then I can sleep in, and when I do finally get out of bed I can focus on eating snacks, which seem to get better every day. I am particularly interested in those new Cheetos I saw advertised that now come in different shapes! Apparently they are also extra-cheesy!

— Andrea Rouda
Frequent contributor Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid.

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