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Remember Mama

May 6, 2016

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WE ASKED YOU — our good pals and contributors — what you wanted for Mother’s Day.  Here’s what you told us. (Oh, and we threw in a few extra gift ideas that we think you might like as well.)

Adrienne Cox, marketing strategist, is considering her options:  “Alone time at the Mandarin Hotel?”


Mansur Gavriel’s much-coveted bucket bag.

“Aside from peace in the Middle East, a woman (you know who) in the White House at the top job in 2017 and a Mansur Gavriel medium bucket bag in tan, Nancy Gold, Philadelphia lawyer, wants a gift certificate to the best “get me gray gracefully” hairstylist in the country.  With enough dollars on it to really help.  I’m done throwing time and money away in a losing cause.”


“The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

“Being child-free this Sunday,” contributor Stephanie Cavanaugh says, “I would really like dinner in Italy, but will be content with a bucket of Popeyes and an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt marathon, since there’s no other way to get my husband to sit and watch with me and it’s no fun watching by myself, even if all he does is sigh and groan.”

Freelance writer Catherine Clifford has a wish list (but don’t tell her family, she doesn’t want them to buy her presents):


Floral twill gloves, $38,

1.  Facial scrub that doesn’t contain the little beads that kill fish. 2. Because I’ll never buy them myself, why would I when I have 87 old perfectly good T-shirts to sleep in:  pretty or cute, comfy, NOT sexy summer pajamas, maybe like these or these. 3. Nice-looking, durable window boxes, (and a robot to keep them watered). 4. Attractive pots of mixed flowers for the front yard and door (and a robot….) 5. Elegant everyday wine glasses sized for regular humans, not giants or lushes (so, like, maybe 6-or 8-ounce?) 6. One-time or, even better, subscription delivery(ies) from H. Bloom. I’ve given people flowers from them several times. Gorgeous. Lastly, adorable, Altruette charms. Half of profits go to charity (each charm is linked to a thematically related charity).

Mary Falvello, who works in health care, is of this opinion. “A spa day is always good. I like The Pearl in Columbia.”

Christine Ledbetter, who edits arts copy at The Washington Post, says, “I want a day at the city’s best spa, with a blowout and makeup lesson after, and dinner at one of the top-ten restaurants.”


LittleBird Kathy makes it perfectly clear: “Someone to clean the house from top to bottom, every last inch of it. I mean wash walls, steam clean floors, scrub cabinets (inside and out), send carpets out to be cleaned, scour the bathrooms until they sparkle, wash and sanitize every last surface of each and every object, leaving not one dog hair or fur ball behind. Then I want to walk from room to room savoring the cleanliness and basking in the sparkle for at least 15 minutes before allowing the dogs and cats back in the house. Oh, and dinner at Le Diplomate would be nice, too.”


Silver bracelet from Tiffany T collection. $975,

Contributor Alexa Mergen would like to “track down a (now) vintage 1980s 18k gold Omega watch in pristine condition to replace the one my mom lost way back when!  I’d have Jay Strongwater design a custom box and ask Maira Kalman to draw the whole scene: the loss of the watch while walking to the bus, through the despair of realizing the loss, the resignation, the many unsatisfactory watch-replacement attempts to the resolution!”


Russel Wright dinnerware in melamine,

Fundraiser Chris Singer is dreaming of  “a personal assistant with great taste, style and energy to ‘run’ my life — to integrate my personal and professional lives so that all details are handled smoothly and on time. This would include regular wardrobe de-cluttering, personal travel arrangements, routine and personal care appointments, assuring that cards and presents are chosen and sent on time, entertaining and holidays planned in advance and that all details surrounding professional obligations are coordinated with my assistant at work. An energetic, meticulous logistical genius who is up on food, books, music, plays, movies that would appeal to me — a Hillary supporter, with a wry sense of humor, warm-hearted — all wrapped up for Mother’s Day!”


“A puppy!” says health public relations woman Jodie Klein, whose beloved canine bestie Max died several months ago.

—Janet Kelly
Janet Kelly is the editor of MyLittleBird.
Read more about Janet here.

2 thoughts on “Remember Mama

  1. Bonnie says:

    Even though I never had kids I am an aunt and great aunt “with benefits” so I get to celebrate too.

  2. Nancy says:

    Even though I am in here, I LOVE this column! Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers out there!!

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