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Rain Check: 16 Ways to Stay Dry and Look Cool

April 5, 2016


JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT it was safe to stash your sweaters and winter gear and haul your spring stuff out of storage, Mother Nature cautions, not so fast.

If the past few days of April are any indication, we’re going to have to fasten our seat belts for a few weeks of wild — shall we say, schizophrenic weather.  Here at MyLittleBird, we believe, as Louis Pasteur said, that fortune favors the prepared mind. (Or something similar). So, we’ve scoped out a couple of modern-looking anoraks for gallery hopping amid the raindrops. (Did anyone notice how stunning Charlotte Rampling looked in her anorak in the film 45 Years?) And, slickers have not disappeared, we’re happy to report. We’ve uncovered a couple of updated ones.  We also found a ravishingly fashionable non-traditional trench coat guaranteed to garner admirers wherever you go. And, let’s not forget our picks of oh-so-cute boots that you can fearlessly jump puddles in — or not.  We couldn’t resist the blue-and-white striped ones from Lillybee, in homage to Villanova and that amazing last-second dunk at the NCAA final. And, finally,  a quartet of sophisticated-looking umbrellas.  You won’t want to save these for a rainy day.

And for anyone else who wants to merge fashion with function, we’re looking at you,  home gardeners  and sailor friends, see the photos above.

— Janet Kelly
Janet Kelly is the editor of MyLittleBird.
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2 thoughts on “Rain Check: 16 Ways to Stay Dry and Look Cool

  1. Nancy Gold says:

    All this stuff is pretty cute. But I would really prefer not to have to think about it anymore. At least until next year.

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      But it’s only April and you know what T.S. Eliot said about it being the “cruellest month.”

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