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Remembering Nancy Reagan Red

By Nancy McKeon

THERE WERE many aspects to Nancy Reagan’s reign as First Lady of the United States. There was the unrepentant glamour, her controversial influence on Reagan Administration policy, the adoring gaze she fastened on her “Ronnie” in an era when women were striving to be “more than” the better half of a marriage.

But when we see pictures of Reagan, who died yesterday at 94, what we often see is red: a red that was, again, unrepentant; a red that came to be dubbed “Nancy Reagan red.” And into her slipstream in years to come flowed any woman—senator, congresswoman or special guest—who wanted to be noticed by the TV cameras during the annual State of the Union speech.

While it may seem odd to showcase the color red as we, with any luck, melt into spring, LittleBird Kathy points out that red has become a neutral, appropriate for any time of the year. Here we show a few eye-poppers. But remember, it really is just as neutral as all that black and beige we all retreat to.

Nancy Reagan didn’t give up on style when she turned 60, says the Washington Post’s Robin Givhan.

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