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Who Loves Valentine’s Day?

February 10, 2016

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MAYBE THE QUESTION IS, Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day?

One person who doesn’t is Beth Brainard. Beth is married to Jeff Brainard, area manager for Destination Hotels and honcho at the Embassy Suites hotel in Chevy Chase Pavilion.Valentine2web

Beth wants Jeff to observe random Wednesdays for doing something nice, not wait all year long for a Hallmark holiday. With that anti-V Day message in the back of his mind, Jeff challenged his team to come up with something more clever for the Big V weekend. Sure, the hotel would offer its  For Your Suite Heart deal for the weekend (champagne, chocolates, rose-petal turn-down service, yada-yada; weekend rates start at a nightly $179). But there had to be more.

And there is: It’s the hotel’s V IS FOR VALENTINE VODKA promotion aimed at singles.

To quote the hotel’s pitch: “This Valentine’s weekend, we’re helping you dodge the Hallmark holiday by giving you the chance to enjoy the things that matter most—vodka, pizza, and bacon.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The deal offers “all of the singles out here whose #relationshipgoals include vodka and a slice of pizza” free late-night slices and ice cream, plus all the bacon and omelets you could want in the ayem (“with no judgment”). And after you read “all those lovey dovey Facebook posts,” you will surely notice that your room comes equipped with a custom-made heart-shape piñata—filled with vodka “nips.” And that’s after all the free drinks at Valentine1webthe evening reception, 5:30 to 7:30pm.

What is not included? A mix tape of Adele’s greatest love songs, any movie by Meg Ryan, additional boxes of tissues (after all, “get it together,” dude or gal!).

The lowest rate I found for checking in on Saturday night was $304, $195 for Friday night, but if you wait till Sunday the 14th, you may be able to score a $179 suite.

While you’re at it, consider paying with a new credit card from Berkshire Bank. The email I got the other day took no responsibility for any amorous shenanigans I might get up to using the card; I was clearly on my own.

From the not-so-fine (and very funny) fine print:

*Attention: Berkshire Bank is in no way responsible for the card holder’s attainment of interpersonal relationships, whether these be romantic in nature or otherwise identified. If the card holder decides to interact with ardor while utilizing a Berkshire Bank credit card, it is at the sole discretion of said individual. Berkshire Bank is not implying that card holders may only employ credit card operation for amorous commitments. The image above and anticipated emotional response is strictly for marketing purposes. Please be advised that Berkshire Bank cards are intended for financial accessibility and pecuniary management purposes only.

Maybe not for nothing the registered trademark of this Massachusetts bank is “America’s Most Exciting Bank.” Frankly, the various credit card offers found on the Berkshire site are pretty standard stuff. “Banks normally don’t go at a promotion with humor like this, and we wanted to give it a try,” says Mark Pedrotti, the bank’s digital marketing director, who started introducing a humorous touch back in October.

The approach, he says, has been very successful so far. So, let’s hear it for the sense of humor in the digital marketing department!

—Nancy McKeon


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