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Money-Saving Tips on Buying Clothes

February 2, 2016


MY SAVVY MOTHER had a saying when it came to buying clothing, furniture, houses, well, almost anything. She used to caution me, “Cheap can be expensive.”

LittleBird friend Elena Mekhova, who runs the mobile boutique Shoe-La-La in Spring Valley and participated in our November Shop Opp, holds a like point of view. Thank you, Elena, for sending us this Lifehacker post, “Cheap Clothes Are Too Expensive, Buy Quality Instead.”

©Valery Kachaen / iStock

Here are five, take-away common-sense tips from that article to keep in mind when contemplating new clothing purchases.

  • Spend more money on what you wear most, less on seasonal items like bathing suits or heavy snow boots.  If you work most of the time at home in your jeans, it pays to have a few really nice, figure-flattering pairs that will last five years, rather than buying six sort-of okay pairs that don’t have a long shelf life.
  • Know how to recognize quality construction. For example, examine the seams of a jacket or shirt to see if the thread is holding the fabric together tightly. Notice how well the buttons are secured. How does the fabric feel? Is it comfortable, durable?
  • Don’t be fooled — expensive, brand-name clothing can be poorly made.
  • Have clothes tailored — you’re likely to wear them more if they fit you well.
  • Maximize your wardrobe options by choosing clothing that mixes and matches.

— Janet Kelly

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