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Hotel Restaurants That Feel Special

ONE OF THE CRITERIA my late mother used when judging a restaurant was how comfortable the chairs were.

I used to laugh at that. But I now realize that, when I eat out, the quality of the cooking is not the only thing that matters to me. Yes, temples of cuisine could force me to stand barefoot while being served and I would put up with it. But for getting together with friends for drinks or dinner, I like a little atmosphere with my appetizer.

In recent times, some Washington hotels have tasked themselves with serving up glamour or exoticism or high style, qualities that would lure hotel guests, of course, but also turn their premises into a destination for locals. After all, they’re paying for the real estate already, so they might as well amp up the decor factor, right?

My choices here are idiosyncratic as, well, as I am. Your list will be different, I’m sure. Take a moment to browse these spots—in the Fairmont, the Graham, the Jefferson, the Loews Madison, the Phoenix Park, the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown, the W Washington—then add your favorites in the Comment box. That way we’ll all have a great list.


3 thoughts on “Hotel Restaurants That Feel Special

  1. Jen says:

    I agree I love the Gram hotel and I love the W it’s a go to spot a lot. Also the Kimpton and the Omni are great additions. As a New Yorker I have my moments of comparing so I will say I judge a place by the bathroom and the atmosphere when I go to sit. Now I will judge the chairs too. Great post!!

    1. Nancy says:

      hey, Jen, i hear you! i love it when hotel and/or restaurant bathrooms are special. there used to be an italian resto downtown that had italian language-lesson tapes playing in the restrooms!

  2. janet Bennett says:

    I’m wild about the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown bar/living room. It’s cozy and the s’mores are sinfully good.

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