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Learning From Kim Kardashian?

October 19, 2015


iStockTWITTER, PINTEREST, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook. These computer apps are often referred to as examples of “social media.” Actually, I believe that is an erroneous description, as they all lead to anti-social behavior. This can be seen in any restaurant in any city at any time of day or night, where diners across from one another sit with their heads bowed, texting or scrolling their iPhones instead of talking to the person sitting directly across from them. Eye contact among young people is quickly becoming obsolete, and with many of them considering it unnecessary or downright rude.

A recent Wall Street Journal has an article about how businesses can “learn from the stars” how to market their brands using social media, citing Kim Kardashian as someone to emulate. “Being well liked on social media can enhance a star’s career, with many celebrities openly admitting their careers have been significantly aided by the likes of Instagram,” it advises. Since joining Instagram in 2012, Ms. Kardashian, she of the no talent and huge and mostly artificial butt, has posted more than 3,180 images. I’m guessing quite a few of them were of the aforementioned butt.

I usually like to stay current to keep up with my 20-something son, but my line in the sand stops at Facebook. All those other websites seem like nonsense. And when I meet my good friend for lunch later today to celebrate her turning 60, I’m certain we will look right at one another and not at our phones. Just that fact alone makes up for all the wrinkles.

–Andrea Rouda
Andrea Rouda blogs at The Daily Droid.

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