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The Comeback Bauble

October 27, 2015



For fall, forget restraint. It’s the more the merrier for embellishments. Think adornments like the ubiquitous fringe (most recently showing up on sweaters), studs on shoes, charms on handbags and glitter and gems on everything. Which brings us to those bejeweled pins and brooches beloved by our mothers and grandmothers. They resurfaced briefly when First Lady Michelle Obama began flashing them in 2009, but fell back into the category of stodgy. Now they’re baaack again, seen on fall 2015 runways at Prada, Chanel, Suno and Dolce & Gabbana.

You’ve probably got some stashed way and forgotten in the back of your jewelry drawer. Dig them out.  Or, see out our picks above. And, for some clever ways of wearing them, watch this video from Nordstrom.

–Janet Kelly



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