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Blues in the Night (and the Day)

August 18, 2015


THE BLUE-AND-WHITE “Willow” pattern on dinner dishes. Traditional, got it. The blue-and-white “Willow” pattern on shoes and boots? Not so traditional, but much less breakable.

Not being a biker or into grunge, I lost track of Dr. Marten, decades-long source of counterculture boots and stomping laceup shoes. The company still makes its traditional wares (the “Vintage” series is still made in England), but the past few seasons have aroused a fashion sense in the old Doc.


Dr. Marten’s Pascal boot in the “Willow” pattern, on view in the shop window on M Street NW. / MyLittleBird photo.

New for fall is a take on classic blue-and-white Chinese export china, the images “cracked” and put back together. The Pascal boot in the “Willow” pattern, $155, is suede, with a top coat that develops a craquelure over time–hey, just like old china!


The Dr. Marten 1461 shoe in “Willow.” / MyLittleBird photo.

“Willow” is also available on Dr. Marten’s 1461 shoe ($140), which means–we cracked the code–this shoe was first produced on April 1, 1961. I usually associate blue and white with seaside and summer, but I’m thinking those Pascal boots will certainly cheer up a rainy fall or winter slog through the streets of Washington.

Also into the ginger-jar look (I mean, right?), Brooks Brothers is offering a cotton-and-silk printed tank ($168) and cardigan ($228) for fall, with the blues ranging from sky blue to navy.


Brooks Brothers’ printed cardigan and tank. The backs of both are solid navy blue.


Brooks Brothers wallet.

Plus, there’s a very cheerful leather zip-around wallet ($148) printed in a multi-blue flower print.

Dolce & Gabbana went into blue-and-white territory from a ceramic-tile point of view. DG’s entry into this mini-trend is a Majolica print sleeveless shift dress ($1,875) in cool, watery blues.


A sweet shift, but the Dolce & Gabbana site offers the print in many other styles and items, even totes and wallets.

DG’s online store also has several bathing suits in this print, but on stretchy fabric. Then there are the totes, sheath dresses, a sweatshirt–even evening pumps and wedge sandals, all in the same print. (And another leather zip-around wallet, this one $695.)

Maybe it’s just the heat, but these prints look really refreshing!

–Nancy McKeon

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  1. Nancy says:

    I think the Doc Martin boots are a must this fall!!

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