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Am I Beyond the Fringe?

A LITTLE OVER A WEEK AGO I documented my search for some fringe in my life, specifically a fringed crossbody bag that I could wear while walking the dog in the summer, when I’m not usually wearing clothing with pockets (for house keys, car key, driver’s license, a credit card or two and the all-important poop bags). See  Fringe Groupie.

I thought I had made a sober choice–black suede, a bit of fringe. Then I ran into one of the

This is the Target crossbody bag I wound up with. At $34.99, it made me deliriously happy (the dog doesn't care).

This is the Target crossbody bag I wound up with. At $34.99, it made me deliriously happy (the dog doesn’t care). The tan feathered bag on the opening page is from Saint Laurent, available at

denizens of my favorite doggie park (an Edie Beale type, as in the star of the “Grey Gardens” documentary, who took pride in wearing her skirt as a turban or a scarf). She took one look at my bag–she notices everything–and said. “Hey, that looks like something I would wear!”

You know the old saying, that if you wore it the first time it was popular, you really shouldn’t wear it at your current age? Was I delusional to think fringe was for more than 18-year-olds? Should I give it up?

What about you? Are there things you love that you think you’re just going to have to give up? Are there certain looks or pieces of clothing that have passed their expiration date–or yours?

–Nancy McKeon

3 thoughts on “Am I Beyond the Fringe?

  1. Paulette Johnson says:

    May the fringe be with you! I love happiness. Keep on doing what you are doing!

    1. Nancy McKeon says:

      Thank you! Thought I must have lost my way for a while there!

  2. brook mowrey says:

    I’m a firm believer that women should wear whatever makes them happy…..You mentioned in your caption that purchasing the fringe bad made you “deliriously happy”…………….just go with it and have fun!!

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