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Luggage to Go

April 21, 2015


AS THIS SPATE sunny days teases us into believing warm weather has finally arrived, we can’t help but dream about spring and summer escapes (we Little Birds do like our getaways).

Which inevitably raises the question of how to pack and just as important, what to pack in. The days of luxurious airplane travel having long gone, conventional wisdom says no to checking luggage (unless you happen to own the airplane). But you don’t have to settle for non-descript carry-ons . New choices on the market are lightweight enough to easily hoist into overhead bins and durable enough to weather the bumps along the route. They’re also attractive, available in a range of colors and meet those pesky TSA requirements.

And, if you simply must check your baggage, the latest word in luggage, as in just about everything else, is “smart.” According to a recent article in the New York Times, manufacturers, including Samsonite, Delsey and Rimowa, are set to introduce lines of suitcases with tracking capability.

–Janet Kelly








2 thoughts on “Luggage to Go

  1. Molly Schnabel says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, LITTLE BIRD! Perfect timimg for my week-end suitcase hunt for visit to Berlin ! Yeah!

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      Wishing you good hunting.

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