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It’s a Sign of the Times

March 25, 2015

ON MY WAY TO and from the Metro, I must pass by Artisan Lamp in Cleveland Park at least a couple of times a week.  I invariably gaze into the window and lust after the collection of antique (mostly art deco and art nouveau) lighting — elegant  bronze floor and table lamps, gold-leaf sconces and twinkling crystal chandeliers.  But this past weekend, something else caught my eye — a sign posted on the window asking for a social media and website assistant. Assistant? Did they even have a website? To my surprise, yes.

SpottedSignWebWhat was so jarring was the contrast between that plain white piece of paper with computer type on it and the gilded and art-filled contents of the store. But then again, just because a store has been in one place for 35 years and displays 19th-century antiques, it still needs 21st-century technology to promote and sell its brand and its wares. So, good on you, Artisan Lamp. MyLittleBird looks forward to a new and improved website, Facebook and Twitter posts, Instagram pix, etc., so instead of merely looking in the window, we’ll be able to browse online for more of your products, find out about sales and even (gasp) make a purchase. Full disclosure: This LittleBird bought a pair of French art deco lamps several months ago. They sit atop a glass cabinet in her apartment and although they don’t emit lots of light, they do light up the room.

 –Janet Kelly 


One thought on “It’s a Sign of the Times

  1. Nancy McKeon says:

    And Little Bird Nancy bought a fabulous hanging fixture, probably Italian from the ’30s, from Artisan. It didn’t convey with the house last time, and it won’t the next time either! Go, Artisan!

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