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Hopping Down the Candy Trail

I WAS THE KID who ate her chocolate Easter bunny before the end of the day. My sister’s bunny would be found, nibbled at, on a shelf in her closet many months later. So little wonder that I still love to look at Easter candy even with no Easter basket in the offing.

The sweet bits I’ve found recently in no way resemble the mass confections we loved as kids. They’re far too pricey for that. And the sophisticated fillings may not be what appeals to young palates anyway. (Also, frankly, if hand-painted chocolate asparagus are going to work out to $7.50 per, I’d rather view them as tabletop decorations to be refrigerated and used the next year, and perhaps the year after that!)

We present these as entertainment, but if something captures your fancy, act quickly: The Easter Bunny arrives next Sunday.

–Nancy McKeon

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