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Perfect Bacon Bowl

August 28, 2014


WE REALLY MUST watch more SpottedBaconWeblate-night television, and not just Netflix everything. Otherwise we might have known about this gourmet accouterment, launched in 2013. French chefs who saw their delicate potato gaufrette “baskets” morph into bread bowls (shudder) will tremble anew when they see this As Seen On TV creation, which turns three strips of bacon into a little cup to contain anything that tastes better with bacon on it (um, might that not be everything?). Rachel Tepper at Huffpost Taste has already declared that the Perfect Bacon Bowl “may be the most useless gadget we’ve seen yet,” pointing out that an inverted muffin tin could do the job. True that. But some of us would never have even thought of engirdling scrambled eggs or (what the hell) mac-&-cheese with what is possibly the most densely caloried food on this or any other planet. So for that alone, thanks go to Allstar Products Group for bringing the Perfect Bacon Bowl to our attention. We found a set of two bowls for $10.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond stores (also available elsewhere).

–Nancy McKeon

2 thoughts on “Perfect Bacon Bowl

  1. Nancy Gold says:

    Since my husband is a true bacon aficionado, and there are bacon gadgets both at home and on the boat, I’m going to use one of my Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons and get this for him. Brilliant.

  2. Carol says:

    hate to admit, but I bought a set of BBB bacon bowls last month for my bacon-loving grandsons… have to check if they have used yet. looked like fun Perhaps I need to get one for myself!

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