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Weekend at the Beach Host(ess) Gifts

July 2, 2014

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NOW IS THE TIME of year when our friends with weekend houses at the beach, or in the country, find out who their real friends are–we’re the ones who show our appreciation for their hospitality with truly thoughtful gifts. Now once, some years back, I was such a regular at a Rappahannock farm that I sprang for a new refrigerator when the old one had chilled its last Sam Adams. But that was a very specific situation (and I was very grateful for my friends and their house). More-generic gifts are also welcome. And just as people have tried to gauge the price of the wedding gift by how much their meal is going to cost the bride’s parents (I’m not kidding, in case this is news to you), they also ratchet up the extravagance of the offering to match the occasion. A Sunday dinner in the country? Any normal hostess gift will probably do. A whole weekend? Be sure to take everyone out for dinner, or at least cook and take a nice present. A week-long stay? Break the bank . . . . . . and then invite me! (I’ll bring the new refrigerator.)

–Nancy McKeon


One thought on “Weekend at the Beach Host(ess) Gifts

  1. Kevin says:

    I liked the “Host Gifts” ideas and knew I would never remember them, so, I tried a search from another story, and was glad to come right back. Now, when I have to go to a summer get away, I know where to get gift ideas. Thanks

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