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MyLittleBird Launched!

March 10, 2014


SO, MYLITTLEBIRD.COM TOOK FLIGHT WednesdayCocktailRecipe1Web evening at 8:35 (not that we were looking at our watches or anything). We celebrated its launch along with the re-launch of The Washington Post’s now-monthly Fashion Washington (FW), which a division of  MyLittleBird produces. There we were at Susan Calloway Fine Arts Gallery in Georgetown with a whole flock of the MLB family, contributors, well-wishers and the frankly curious.

Upstairs, the generous Susan Calloway had set up a bar and, lo and behold, folks from Bacardi Ltd. showed up to bring the bar to life (okay, we asked them to come). They fashioned a MyLittleBird cocktail from St-Germain, a French elderflower liqueur purchased by Bacardi a year ago. We’ll publish the recipe as soon as they give it to us [okay, it’s here; see right]. For now, we’ll just say, “Yum!”

Same “yum” goes for the hot and cold hors d’oeuvre from Patisserie Poupon, which just happens to be Susan’s neighbor on Wisconsin Avenue. In addition to eating and drinking, we announced the winner of a dinner for two at Le Diplomate. That little treat went to a Well-Being section contributor, Catherine Clifford (you may have read her piece on Botox and emotion).

Here is a link to some scenes from the reception, which allow us to introduce some of our contributors.

  – Nancy McKeon



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