The Week That Was, 6.25.2022

June 25, 2022

From “Delicieux,” a film directed by Eric Besnard.

THE MOST EXCITING event of the past week was that we got to publish our first post from Kitchen Detail, a terrific blog by Nancy Pollard, who owned one of the best kitchenware stores in the US, in Alexandria, Virginia, for 47 years. Her column covers recipes, food in movies, kitchen equipment, travel (to eat, of course) and more. And we’ll warn you right now that she has a soft spot for Italy (who doesn’t?).

LittleBird Janet inspired us to greet summer with fresh new sandals (there can never be enough), while LittleBird Stephanie exiled the struggling tomato plants from the front porch to the sunny space out by the curb, where The Prince is hoping to keep them producing.


Our beauty guru Valerie Monroe tackled the curse of thinning hair in this week’s How Not to F*ck Up Your Face column. And LittleBird Mary Carpenter, our Well-Being columnist and an associate editor of MyLittleBird, explained why your next dental emergency (the classic broken crown) may be a lot less expensive thanks to 3D printing!

We can’t let the week go by without mourning the devastating ruling by a very conservative Supreme Court to overturn the 50-year-old Roe v. Wade and send the issue of abortion back to state legislatures, where we already know what will happen to entire generations of women of childbearing age. Is it enough to energize women to vote this fall? Inflation means short-term pain—and pocketbook issues always seem to win out—but taking away a basic right from American women is far more important, in the long term and the short.





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