The Week That Was, 6.18.2022

June 18, 2022


THE LAST gasps of spring brought some nice weather (and some not so nice). They also brought us the 411 on why dermatologist visits cost us so much (psst! it probably has to do with all those facial fillers and Botox-like neuromodulators we want that are not covered by insurance). How Not to F*ck Up Your Face columnist Valerie Monroe explained the $ and ¢ of it all.

On a more seriously medical front, Well-Being columnist Mary Carpenter plunged into the confusing world of bone density, trying to find out her own risk of osteoporosis and, by extrapolation, the risks for others. The calculations (calcium and Vitamin D supplements or no, among others) are complicated, and, as she explains, it took a lot of dedication to get her own personal formula. One surprising addition to the usual recommendations: adding yoga to your routine because, as one research physiatrist found, it increases bone density in the spine and femur.

With summer just minutes away, LittleBird Janet tackled the things you need for summer prep, from rashguards to sun hats to sunglasses and skin conditioners, all part of her popular periodic What We Want to Have Now feature.

A neighbor’s garden, where everything was planned and looks good all the time. / Photo by Stephanie Cavanaugh.

Green Acre’s columnist, Stephanie Cavanaugh, sang the praises of a Capitol Hill garden that always looks good, no matter the season. All the by-product of planning a garden space with structural “bones” that will be there no matter what. Unfortunately, Stephanie admits, such discipline is beyond her. (And some readers concurred.)


And Friday brought a lovely Father’s Day essay by a former Washington Post editor, Christine Ledbetter. She explores three generations’ worth of men raising children, from her stoic father after the death of her mother, to her feminist husband (at the time an anomaly as a stay-at-home parent), to her son and son-in-law, who have embraced a whole-family approach to their children’s rearing with the help of parental leave and family-friendly workplaces.

Which leaves us with only one more thing to say: Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and fathers-in-law and step-fathers out there!

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