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The Week That Was, 5.21.2022

May 21, 2022


SOMETHING  SPRINGLIKE, even summery, oozed out at the end of a rather dreary week. Hope springs, if not eternal, then at least cyclically.

Valerie Monroe started the MyLittleBird week with a gift: self-forgiveness. The How Not to F*ck Up Your Face columnist advocated that we stop kicking ourselves for things we did when we were younger, to break the chains of that old guilt and have the same compassion for our younger selves that we might have for the children in our current lives. Amen.

At the intersection of medicine and the law, Well-Being columnist Mary Carpenter explored what will happen at the end of July, when it is expected that flexibility granted to telemedicine because of the pandemic will end. The thought it that this will cross legal paths with the anticipated overturn of Roe v. Wade and end prescribing and delivering the abortion pill, among many other medications, across state lines.

LittleBird Janet helped launch the sunny season with a fresh look at the classic white T-shirt, asking women what they want from it (hint: not too long, slim fit). But then she upped the ante, focusing on the even more sophisticated black T-shirt (think Jackie O in Capri—black baby T, white pants).

Thursday, the MLB Home & Design day, brought a tearful confession from Green Acre columnist Stephanie Cavanaugh: Her garden is a MESS!! She largely blames it, as she frequently does, on The Prince, who hasn’t found storage spots for a wide array of random street finds (a child’s desk? a “tabletop,” whatever that is) plus random pots and bags of mulch). But privately, she acknowledges the two of them, with their shared eye for “useful” discards, are to blame.

Friday led to the question, will LittleBird Nancy ever again sleep through the night? The answer, involving Wordle, Spelling Bee and now Worldle and Artle, is probably no. But she’s not alone: These quick one-a-day games have interrupted the sleep patterns of millions. Yes, of course they can be played during the day, but where’s the fun in that?

Now go take a nice Sunday-afternoon nap and rejoin us here tomorrow morning!



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