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The Week That Was, 4.30.2022

April 29, 2022

AS THE COLD and wet remains of winter morph into spring we were happy to see blooms blooming all over fashions, as presented this week by LittleBird Janet. Next day, LittleBird Stephanie shared her “no-dig” philosophy in our Green Acre column, and explained how she became a gardener—an imperfect one, but is there any other kind?

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Speaking of imperfections, How Not to F*ck Up Your Face columnist Valerie Monroe made a great case for putting an end to comparing ourselves—with younger women, more beautiful women, with, who knows, smarter ones. You Are Simply Magnificent argues—we would say successfully—that “you do you” is even more powerful when we acknowledge the grace and beauty (yes, of other women) around us. It’s called taking back your power—try it!

Well-Being columnist Mary Carpenter told us that ASMR may be a kind of auditory-tactile synesthesia. And if that sentence leaves you baffled, give her column a read. It turns out that during the pandemic, video clips of people whispering, brushing their hair, crinkling paper or even cleaning their ears(!) were must-see TV (or at least YouTube).


Meanwhile, contributor Andrea Rouda had her usual acerbic response to her budding awareness that maybe, just maybe, she was approaching her sell-by date.

Coming next week, Val Monroe tackles why aging, which often means shorter stature, also means longer teeth. And we promise an annotated list of the best murder mysteries that unfold in places we’d all like to be traveling to now. Stay tuned.

And here’s a bonus: Former Washington Post colleague Alison Howard spotted this video clip for those of you (you know who you are) who’ve been avoiding changing out that duvet cover because, well, how the hell do you ever put it all back together again? Check this out:


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  1. Kate Perrin says:

    I will definitely use the burrito method for duvet changing from now on. Thanks!

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