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The Week That Was, 4.23.2022

April 22, 2022

The one-of-a-kind “In the Garden” brooch by Tai and Tiara Kim, featured in the 2022 Smithsonian Craft Show, which ends Sunday, April 24. / Photo on the front from iStock.

WE GROWNUP GIRLS have been posting our way onto your screens for eight years now, six days a week. Gotta admit, we don’t give up easily!

Over those years we’ve shared What’s Right (And Not So Right) About Eileen Fisher clothing—and lots of you shared your thoughts as well, some of them less kind than ours! We’ve watched as Jane Fonda leads the way again, this time into old age. And more Jane Fonda!

We’ve talked about plastic surgery (Diary of a Decision). And Covid, and Covid, and Covid. We’ve weighed in on the TV phenom of the moment (Mrs. Maisel, The Gilded Age, And Just Like That). And sometimes we’ve been serious. Maybe more than once. Or twice.

But enough blasts from the long past:

This week our lineup began with a Fashion & Beauty offering from How Not to F*ck Up Your Face columnist Valerie Monroe, who gave us all permission to a) ignore those blossoming kitty whiskers, or b) shave them off!!!! (Apparently like some Southern belles have traditionally done!)

On Tuesday, Well-Being columnist Mary Carpenter helped us thread our way through the latest marijuana news. You know the whole “gift with purchase” gambit at the cosmetics counter? How about a $50 bottle of apple juice, with a “gift” of MJ just for being you? ( . . . and to get around the tedious requirements for obtaining a dispensary license.) Well, the DC government scotched that one, but in New Jersey medical marijuana companies can now sell to all adults without a doc’s okay.

On Wednesday, LittleBird Janet brought to our attention some of the fabulous handmade jewelry for sale at the Smithsonian Craft Show, which wraps up tomorrow.

Thursday’s Green Acre post met with mixed reaction. Turns out our LittleBird Stephanie doesn’t like the quick fade done by daffodils, hogging space and getting in the way of longer-lived pleasures, at least in a tiny city garden (which is, after all, what the column is all about). You can read her plaint (written, she acknowledged privately, in a kind of Covid haze) and decide where you stand.

Historical home enthusiasts from around the country have long flocked to Georgetown in Washington DC for the spring house tour. Now, after two years of Covid-caused deprivation, the tour is back, the enthusiasts with it. The tour is today, and if you’re in the DC area you can still scramble to get there (it’s on till 5pm).

Think of it as a twofer: Saturday the G’town tour, Sunday the last day of the Smithsonian Craft Show at the National Building Museum. Sign us up!


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