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Holiday Gift List #30 : Drawer Sense

THEY MAY be shaped like sardines, but there’s nothing fishy-smelling about these sachets. Indeed, the set of three is filled with the sweet, some say calming, scent of Provence lavender. Covered in assorted Liberty cotton prints and finished with a pearl button eye, these “sardines” add an unexpected charm to the look of lingerie drawers, as well as a delightful fragrance. A perfect hostess gift, they’re $42 from Liberty London.

—Janet Kelly


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One thought on “Holiday Gift List #30 : Drawer Sense

  1. Carol says:

    I love these! And thank you for all your good ideas on your site. My “hootie” pocket siren (bought 5) for my girls arrived yesterday, they are awesome. Waiting for the mini telescope for my son…

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