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Holiday Gift List #31: Kamala in the Kitchen

December 16, 2021

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LONG BEFORE the White House, VP Kamala Harris was quoted by Eating Well magazine as saying that when she’s cooking she feels in control of her life. Good luck with that these days. But I’d feel better about my cooking (if not my life) if I were wearing this Kamala apron from TyMawrClassics. Maybe I could then whip up swordfish in the way she described as part of her “Mediterranean kick”: Toast cardamom and cumin seeds (as her South Indian mom no doubt taught her), add some garlic and onion and lemon and then “kind of marinate” the fish in the resulting mixture before grilling or broiling. The handmade apron, $45, comes from North Carolina and unfortunately won’t arrive by Christmas but will get a grin whenever it gets there.

—Nancy McKeon


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