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Holiday Gift List #33: Patch, Patch, Patch

December 17, 2021

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CBD WON’T get you high. But the cannabinoid can apparently do a lot of other things, such as reduce inflammation, relax you, zip you up, even make you feel friskier in the bedroom. It’s all a matter of connecting with the right body receptors. (Full disclosure: We’re basing this on purely anecdotal evidence, though there are studies aplenty.) Fleur Marché makes it convenient and cost-effective to give CBD a try, and to give it as a gift. A Variety, Plz. set of four transdermal Wellness patches—for relaxation, pain relief, energy and whoopee—is $22. If you or your gift recipient find one or all of the patches useful, subscriptions are less expensive.
—Nancy McKeon


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