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Holiday Gift List #34: Fact or Fiction?

December 19, 2021

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FANS OF history and writing—could be the same person—may enjoy a recurring reminder that you recognize their interests.

One Story is an award-winning literary magazine that offers one new short story every month. A year’s worth, 12 individually bound pieces of fiction, is $21 from Brooklyn’s One Story.

History by Mail brings historical events to life by sending out one archival document a month ($75.99 for a year, $39.99 for six months’ worth). The examples shown here are Annie Oakley’s hand-written 1898 letter offering to supply President McKinley with 50 “lady sharpshooters” if he were to embark on the Spanish-American War; and baseball great Jackie Robinson, then a vice president of the New York Chock Full o’Nuts coffee-shop chain, urging President Eisenhower in 1958 to counteract the foot-dragging that allowed Arkansas governor Faubus to shutter public schools rather than integrate them.

Each document is accompanied by explanatory material and, in the case of hand-written documents, a printed version.

—Nancy McKeon


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