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Holiday Gift List #13: All Lit Up



THIS YEAR, Hanukkah falls especially early! Sunday, November 28, marks the first night of the festival of lights. In light, ahem, of that, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading the menorah you inherited from your family, now’s the time. In the past year or so, retailers have begun carrying options beyond the traditional. Take the Trace Chanukiah ($155) by Via Maris, a company whose mission is to redesign items related to Judaism for the 21st century. Made with powder-coated steel, this pared-down menorah curves gracefully, while the removable cups that hold the candles make cleanup oh-so easy. Moreover, if you want to avoid wax on your dining table, Via Maris also sells candles in sets of 45; they’re made of paraffin to produce less of a drip.

The Trace, which comes in cloud, midnight blue, charcoal, sand and clay, is also available from Nordstrom. Order now and there’s a good chance you’ll receive it by the time you’re ready to light the first candle.

—Janet Kelly


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