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Holiday Gift List #14: Top-Drawer Socks

November 24, 2021

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RAISE YOUR hand if you’d be happy to see a pair of socks or three gifted to you under the tree. Men seem to have an innate sense of how to coordinate a pair with their trousers. Women not so much, but designers are catching on that color and pattern on the feet hint at the the wearer’s personality and  up the style ante.

From left to right: Bombas’ Geo Fair Isle Crew Socks ($16) encourage happy feet —not only with arch support and cushioning—but also with their lively print. Let of these Sporty Knitted Socks ($20) from Ganni peek out from your loafers or ankle boots. For warmth, it’s hard to beat Eileen Fisher’s striped crew socks ($28), to which a touch of cashmere and silk are added to the brand’s blend of recycled nylon and Tencel. And doesn’t that seafoam shade just knock your socks off?!

—Janet Kelly


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