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Weekend Reading: Hottest Heads of State

THE TITLE ALONE should tip you off that Hottest Heads of State, by J.D. and Kate Dobson, is hilarious. They’re a funny pair, but they’re also scrupulously fair and honest. This Volume One (I’m hoping for an  international edition—so many possibilities!) critiques the qualities of all of the US presidents, including No. 45, not just the “hottest.” And even if you think you could do this job yourself—you know, rate each president on looks, physique and charisma and explain why people should date them—the Dobsons will just be funnier about it. Think you know all there is to know about some of them? Well, you probably don’t, or at least never looked at them in quite this way. Our excerpt is the section on President Andrew Jackson because . . . well, just because. Henry Holt & Company, which published HHOS this week, is sending the authors out into the world to talk about their work; the Dobsons will be in Washington DC this weekend, at  East City Bookshop  tonight, Friday, February 2, from 6:30 to 7:30pm, and at Politics and Prose tomorrow, Saturday, February 3, from 6 to 7pm.


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