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Light From Above

May 5, 2016


MY FAVORITE NEW thing for a spring or summer night is a woodsy-looking outdoor chandelier, perfect for hanging over a fluffed-up picnic table or swaying under a pergola. I saw it on the Terrain site, Terrain being the garden-center/idea-incubator sister of retailers Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Terrain’s only stores are in Pennsylvania and Connecticut, but its inspirations and offerings are, of course, available to anyone with an Internet connection.

They are also sometimes susceptible to “adaptation” by those who have somewhat clever hands and possibly not the cash required to buy all the component pieces. In the end, you may decide to just buy the whole thing (or just take a nap instead), but the idea, from Terrain’s clever stylists, may spark your own version.

—Nancy McKeon




4 thoughts on “Light From Above

  1. Thank you for this Nancy, it’s just what I needed for stringing around my porch chandelier. And yes I could have artfully draped some Christmas lights about, but this is neater. When it comes to artful draping I missed out on the gene. Just ordered!

    1. Nancy McKeon says:

      i’m pretty much tempted by it as well. i have lights, i have a boxwood wreath that will otherwise cool its heels till next christmas, so maybe all i need is the wreath holder. i’ll hang it from my new pergola!

      1. Terrain lights bought and draped — happy to see they’re a muted glow, not at all harsh (which I feared as soon as I ordered). They look spectacular on the chandelier.

        1. Nancy McKeon says:

          My lights and hanging rods arrived today while the MyLittleBird editing crew was lunching at my place–while I was upstairs trying to scan some documents, they put everything together and hung it outside. I’ll light it up tonight and take a picture.

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