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December 30, 2015

MyLittleBird Illustration by Jon Danforth

MyLittleBird illustration by Jon Danforth.

MAYBE WE’RE JUST NOT decisive enough to make our own Top 10 lists, but we persevered and found a bunch that experts and civilians have created to sum up 2015, in interior design, fashion, media, food, a bit of business and, on a serious note, scams. asked top design bloggers to choose which design blogs they were passionately following. Here’s the list.

Elle Decor has a regular feature in which the editors ask two designers to pick out their top [fill in the blank]. Back in October, it was the Top 10 demilune tables. At least there were 10 in print; somehow a baker’s dozen made their way into the online story. And don’t worry, if demilunes are too niche-y for you, you can search the site for sofas and dining chairs and all manner of things.

The readers of are an enthusiastic bunch. So the site recently ran not 10 but 20 Most Popular Bathrooms of 2015, chosen by the readers.

But we don’t stay home all the time, do we? Readers chose the Top 10 resorts in the U.S. for the Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards (actually, there are 25, but you can stop reading at No. 10, if you like).

Tom Sietsema,restaurant critic for the Washington Post, stepped up to the plate, so to speak, when he announced his choices for the 10 best food cities in America. (We’d love to see his frequent-flyer mileage statement!)

Contributors to Foursquare—a site that probably uses a terrifying algorithm to find food, shopping, nightlife and fun that match you— named their fave D.C. dessert treats.

And CBSDC listed a handful of its favorite hot desserts at restaurants (for those who are over cupcakes and ice cream on the street).

Sticking close to home, there’s Washingtonian magazine’s Very Best Restaurants in Washington (the list goes up to No. 100—your call).

The Business of Fashion newsletter out of London took two glances back at the expiring year—fashion coffee-table books and, for those of you interested in the back story on fashion and trends and fashion media (hmm, that may be everybody), here are links:

The most important fashion books of the year;

Eight of the best inside-fashion articles in BoF;

And, among BoF’s fashion trends, here’s an extended treatment of a trend MyLittleBird wrote about back in August, our story on handbag charms.

Of course there were Top 10 lists of books! Here are the Washington Post’s picks, and here are the New York Times’s.

The Post also provided us with the Top 10 cookbooks of 2015.

And, for some reason, the Times gave us the 10 Favorite Books of actor Neil Patrick Harris.

The oddest houses on the Washington-area market during the year (there are 15 of them) are listed by, a website for the real-estate-obsessed.

Farther away from home,, a financial tool website, came up with the 10 Best Ski Towns in the U.S. also tallied the 10 Best Cities for Beer Drinkers (P.S.: The one closest to us is Pittsburgh, and it’s No. 9).

Sorry to end on a sour note, but the Better Business Bureau has issued its list of the Top 10 consumer scams in 2015. A word to those who wish to avoid the fastest-growing scam: Make it your New Year’s resolution to file your income taxes early.

–Nancy McKeon

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