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The Download on Dry Shampoo

November 24, 2015


We’re partnering with the PrettyGossip blog to provide this story. PrettyGossip is the site where a beauty-obsessed (in a good way!) woman shares things she has tried–cosmetics, treatments, procedures–to make her feel pretty. PrettyGossip is pretty honest about the products she tries. She acknowledges that she sometimes receives samples of new products for review, but she tells the truth (at least her truth) about them.

Today, I’d like to do a post on one of my all time favorite hair products…Dry Shampoos!!! If you’ve never used dry shampoo, there’s so many reasons to give them a try. Let’s explore all the reasons why I love dry shampoos and I’ll share a drugstore favorite as well as a professional favorite.


For those mornings you planned on washing your hair but woke up too late, dry shampoos are a great way to refresh your hair. The dry shampoo will add volume, oomph and help mask the scent of unwashed hair.

Another (huge) benefit of dry shampooing is that by using it, you won’t have to wash your hair as often! Aside from the obvious time-saving benefit, washing your hair less often will help minimize hair loss.


You may think you know how to use a dry shampoo but you probably don’t! Most people use dry shampoos incorrectly!

The secret to getting the most out of dry shampoos is to use them pre-emptively! If your hair looks like it needs to be washed or dry shampoo-ed…it’s probably too late!

I have thick Asian hair so I have to wash my hair everyday. I used to at least.  Now that dry shampoos are in my life I wash my hair every other day. For example, if I wash my hair on a Sunday morning, I’ll dry shampoo my hair before going to bed Sunday night. I typically don’t brush the dry shampoo out until the next morning. On Monday morning, I’ll spray a little more to freshen up my roots and brush my hair. Because I pre-emptively dry shampoo-ed the evening before, my hair will look fresh and ready for the day.  I’ll wash my hair on Tuesday morning and repeat the process.

Now that I’ve explained how I use dry shampoos, let’s explore some of my favorites…and not so favorites.

Favorite Dry Shampoo Picks

BEST PROFESSIONAL Dry Shampoo: Dry Wash by Paul Mitchell
(Available at LoxaBeauty  or an authorized salon near you for about $22)

  • I’ve gone through 2 trial bottles and I’m loving this product! I plan on buying the full size!
  • The dry shampoo sprays evenly and leaves hair fresh and soft.
  • Doesn’t leave hair white or crunchy like some of the other dry shampoos.

BEST DRUGSTORE Dry Shampoo: Clean Freak by Not Your Mother’s
(Available at Target for $4.79 and Walgreens for $5.99)

  • I’ve been using this dry shampoo for years and am still a loyal fan.
  • The price point is great. Available at Target for $4.79 and Walgreens for $5.99
  • The large can will last quite a while.
  • Please read my full review hereI have some great before and after photos too!

In the photos above, you’ll notice 2 additional dry shampoos I’ve tried: Pantene and Herbal Essences. These were my not so favorites :(

Pantene Root Reboot Dry Shampoo (Available at Walgreens for $7.99)
This dry shampoo leaves my hair a white mess. I think this might work for people with light hair looking for a lot of volume and texture… not for someone like me with heavy dark Asian hair. :(

Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo (Available at Target for $4.99)
This dry shampoo smells great but leaves my hair so textured and crunchy, I can’t use it. No way to get a brush through your hair once this stuff is in. I always have to worry about my hair looking messy and teased when that’s NOT the look I’m looking for. I just want oil absorption for a non greasy look!

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