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Coat Tales

November 17, 2015



IF THIS FABULOUS FALL weather means you’ve been putting off your seasonal wardrobe refresh, we can hardly blame you. But we have it on good authority that, yes, winter is coming.  And if WTOP’s meteorologist is correct in his predictions, there will be more snow in D.C. this year than last. So, before the onset of another polar vortex, our advice is to make time to upgrade your cold-weather staples. Especially, that mother of all basics – the winter coat.

Furthermore, this season, we surmise, in deference to frigid winters past, top designers like Raf Simons (formerly at Dior), Donna Karan and Karl Lagerfeld have decided to drop hemlines below the knee and even lower in some cases, giving previously exposed legs a lot more protection from the elements, not to mention covering the hems of skirts and dresses.

Called dusters, maxi coats or great coats, they come in bright colors, patterns and fabrics, including down and shearling and faux and real fur for the warmest options. And in a range of styles (hooded, collared, double-breasted, tie-waist) and price points.

See the photos above for some we have our eye on.

–Janet Kelly



2 thoughts on “Coat Tales

  1. Nancy Gold says:

    Love every single one of these coats. Now watch, the meteorologists will all be wrong and it will be the warmest winter on record.

    1. Janet Kelly says:

      Right, that would be kind of par for the course.

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