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October 17, 2015



I HAVE A GOOD friend who lives in Milan. She’s a Stone-Age archaeologist with a wardrobe that has nothing in common with Wilma Flintstone’s. Vintage Missoni, Eres bathing suits and Pomellato jewelry populate her closet. On one of the occasions that I was visiting her, I admired the tangerine-colored scarf she had wrapped oh so casually around her neck. When I asked her where she got it, expecting an answer like “Hermes,”  she told me, “It’s an old cashmere sweater of Alberto’s (her husband’s).  I wear it as a scarf.” How very Italian.

Speaking of scarves and Italians, I’m a big fan.  So, when LittleBird Kathy said she’d just seen a terrific video by an Italian woman about the many ways to to knot a scarf, I was on it.

Donna Fanpage, who posted the seven-and-a-half-minute video on Facebook, demonstrates about 15 or 16 — I lost count — different ways to tie a scarf.  Some are slight variations on styles you probably already know, some are so convoluted (she folds one end of a lavender scarf about five times before looping it through the other end, creating a not-so-attractive bib) that you roll your eyes  and others (she creates a big bow on an oatmeal-colored scarf) are charming.

If you’re weary of your routine scarf-tying ways, watch the video.

–Janet Kelly




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