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A Message to All the Little Birdies Out There

August 16, 2015

AFTER A YEAR AND A HALF, MyLittleBird is exploring its growing world like a toddler, reaching out for shiny new things, discovering what readers like, etc. We’ve been experimenting right along, and will continue to do so. But just for the record, here are some of our latest innovations.

If you’re a regular Friday reader, you know that we have already dedicated that day to other voices–first the giddy, and in the end touching, memoir of love and real estate in the South of France by Marcia Muir Mitchell, slated to be published soon as “French Toast.” Then regular contributor (and funny lady!) Andrea Rouda allowed us to serialize her absurdist novella, “Bridges Ice Before Highways.”

A few weeks ago we launched a new Friday effort: publishing excerpts from new books ExcerptBeach2Web from top publishers such as Knopf, St. Martin’s Press, Dover, with more to come. The excerpts will range far and wide, funny and serious, fiction and non-fiction, with one thing in mind: relevance to you, whether to entertain or enlighten or affect you (and us).

Our Tuesday Wellness columns are stepping aside occasionally–while Little Bird Mary is on sabbatical–to make room for the occasional Financial Well-Being piece. (It’s not financial advice for women; the goal is financial thinking period.)

The passing, on August 3, of business pioneer Ellen Proxmire pointed a spotlight onto our occasional series of Super Women profiles: serial entrepreneur Paula Jagemann, writer and speaker Leslie Morgan Steiner, businesswoman Susanna Quinn, journalist Robin Givhan (seen right), restaurateur Nora Pouillon, entrepreneur Deb Johns–with many more to come.Robin Givhan. / MyLittleBird photo.

To beef up our coverage of home decorating and lifestyle we have turned to a new collaborator,, whose stories aggregate great projects from around the country and let us show you what’s out there. In addition, we’ve found inspiration in the women who run Mintwood Home and will feature their blog posts from time to time.

Finally, we’ll continue our real-life fashion coverage addressing the needs of grown-up girls, not runway models.

So stick around! This won’t be the bumpy ride from “All About Eve,” just a joyride for us grown-up girls.

–The MyLittleBird Team



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