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Go for the Glow

December 9, 2014

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RECENTLY WE’VE BEEN talking a lot about makeup and skincare for this season’s go-to-look: the neutral face. Now let’s combine them to create (or fake) The Glow, as in radiant, flawless, dewy-but-not-greasy skin. You know, JLo skin.

How to get there? It’s all about the proper prep and products. We spoke to two of the best makeup artists around who know from glow: Giorgio Armani’s National Director of Creative Artistry, Tim Quinn; and D.C.’s own Victoria Stiles.

GA: Tim, how and what do we change in winter to make skin look dewy?

TQ: Transitioning your beauty routine for the colder seasons is like transitioning your wardrobe. There should be changes in texture — use a heavier moisturizer, change your foundation to one with a different texture, for example, Luminous Silk ($62). And this the time to layer products, or add a serum to your skincare routine. 

GA: Victoria, what are you clients asking you for?

VS: I’m getting a lot of requests for highlights, contours and making the skin flawless before applying any makeup. Consumers are finally realizing that 2014’s preferred neutral look starts with perfect skin. They’re, like, “Do you do airbrush?” Physically airbrushing won’t automatically give you flawless skin. Proper skincare’s a must.

GA: Are there glow products you can’t live without?

TQ:  Lumenessence Mask ($175) is super-hydrating and  great for plane travel. If you have a special evening, put it on 20 minutes before doing your makeup to create a super dewy, glowing complexion. Put on Luminous Silk foundation, followed by Fluid Sheer [liquid highlighter; try # 7; $62], because you can add subtle touches of rosy glow, as sometimes when we get into colder weather powder formulations can look extra dry on already dry skin.

VS: To highlight and conceal skin, I always hand-apply foundation and concealer with beauty blenders (makeup sponges; $17.95 – $39.95). I love them.


In addition to Tim’s and Victoria’s fave products, these are the ones to look for. They tend to be pricey. But when it comes to perfection, you get what you pay for.

Normal to oily skin:

Boscia Cool Blue Hydration Essence ($60) is a light but nourishing gel serum that goes under moisturizer. Warning: addictive.

Dry skin:

All skin:

Lastly, you need loose powder. Laura Mercier’s got this covered. Never chalky, always plush.

  • Loose Setting Powder ($37). This universal, invisible shade is ideal for setting concealer and foundation. (You want to glow, not to look sweaty.)
  • Secret Brightening Powder ($24). Use this anywhere you need an extra boost – under eyebrows, under eyes, across  cheekbones. It’s magic.
  • Mineral Illuminating Powder in Candlelight ($38). Nothing says glow like candles’ golden warmth, and this is just as flattering. Use it everywhere.

–Gigi Anders
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