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A step too far?

December 28, 2014

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WE KNOW THAT Americans have a reputation for being lazy, that convenience wins out most of the time.  (Why cut up a chicken when you can buy a package of chicken breasts? For that matter, don’t buy the whole breast because you’ll have to cut it in half, but MyLittleBird photomaybe buy half chicken breasts with the ribs out lest you have to deal with something that more closely resembles the real fowl.)

Clementines, those Christmas-season favorites, are easy to peel. Apparently that’s not good enough, hence these plastic clamshells of peeled clementines in an upscale supermarket in an upscale village in New Jersey.  Now, truth is, the same number of packages was there the day before Christmas and the day after, so maybe there’s some sense of proportion left. Or maybe this was only a flyer by management, wanting to know whether to add peeled clementines to the broccoli crowns, cooked shrimp and other time- and labor-saving items at the grocer’s.

–Nancy McKeon

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