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A Christmas Beauty Binge

December 16, 2014

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WISH YOU COULD ESCAPE  the nonstop pressure cooker of the holidays by booking a boat to Bora Bora? We do, too. But if Tahiti isn’t in your foreseeable future, we’ve got the next best thing — looking as if you’d spent a week in the South Sea Islands.

We consulted Dr. Craig Dufresne, who offers surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures in his Chevy Chase and Fairfax offices, for tips on how you can achieve the well-rested look of a luxe vacation without ever setting foot on the sand or in the sea.

Because money is not no object, we asked the good doctor to give us a breakdown on which non-surgical procedures give you the most bang for your buck in time for Christmas and New Year’s.

Here are some suggestions for procedures for approximately $500, $1,000 and $1,500.


A peel is effective in treating skin discoloration, smoothing fine lines and removing dead skin. Among the least expensive options with minimal down time, choices include Blue Peel Radiance, Fire & Ice, micropeels, neo-peels or glycolic and algae peels. These typically cost between $150 and $200.

You can up the ante with Botox. Dufresne charges $450 per syringe (1cc or 25 units).  One syringe will suffice to diminish those angry-looking furrows between the brows and crow’s feet around the eyes if the lines are not too severe. (For deeper lines, fillers can be added to smooth the creases that may linger after the Botox injection; see below.)

Fillers, including JuvedermRestylaneBelotero and Radiesse, restore volume around the nasolabial area as well as in the chin, nose and eye areas. Dufresne’s cost per syringe is $625. Typically, a treatment of one syringe (most common application) or two syringes is needed to achieve the  desired outcome, but you can also get a fraction of a syringe for an adjusted price. For example, .8cc will set you back $500.  The newest filler to be approved, Voluma (for restoring volume in the cheek and cheekbone area), costs the most, $900 per syringe.


For the cost of two medium-size enamel Hermès cuffs, create a personalized cocktail of treatments. Say, a syringe of Botox to decrease your forehead and squinty lines and either a syringe or two of Juvederm or Restylane to plump up laugh lines. Or combine Belotero, a dermal filler used to soften under-eye circles, with Voluma to boost cheekbones and fill out facial hollows.

Note: The treated areas are numbed before the procedure. You likely won’t feel any pain, but Botox and fillers can cause bruising. Don’t take aspirin or drink red wine several days before a procedure. And then immediately after, use an ice pack or a frozen bag of peas on the affected areas. Massage the bruise with witch hazel and warm water.

Any time of year, be on the lookout for special savings. Dr. Dufresne offers discounts on  treatments during the holidays and the summer, when Botox is reduced by $50, fillers by $100. 

–Janet Kelly


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