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U.S. Royalty Rocks New Menswear for Fall

October 7, 2014


MyLittleBird had a ball dressing local band U.S. Royalty for FW’s (Fashion Washington) October issue on menswear. We couldn’t think of better models for this season’s slim pants, shirts, jackets and trim ties than John Thornley (vocals), Jacob Michael (bass), Paul Thornley (guitar) and Luke Adams (drummer). They kindly obliged as we dressed them for work and play with vests, Henley shirts, pocket squares, cardigans, caps and carryalls to illustrate the importance of layering, the keyword for menswear this fall.  To see what we chose to clothe them in, go to the FW site.  To see all the fun we had behind the scenes, click on our slide show above.


–Janet Kelly

One thought on “U.S. Royalty Rocks New Menswear for Fall

  1. So happy to see guys that look like guys! (unlike the idon’tknowwhats wearing whatthehellisthats in last week’s NY Times likerilly?- although the thought of mine own male wearing any of it was hugely entertaining). And what is that brick backdrop!? If you’re done with it, can I have it? Would be great on my basement floor…

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