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Rockin’ the Rocks

October 15, 2014


ONE DAY we were mooning over the legendary jewels of Marjorie Merriweather Post, the SpottedCaseWebcereal heiress who helped to turn the Post Cereal Company into General Foods, and two days later we were rockin’ her diamond-and-sapphire necklace by Cartier (1936). Or at least our iPhone was.

I found this clear plastic protective case for my phone at the Hillwood Museum gift shop ($12.95). If I get tired of the necklace, I can replace that image with that of the emerald-and-diamond pendant brooch carved from seven Indian emeralds (1923) or the pearl necklace with diamond clasp (1936).

Post began commissioning pieces from the Paris jeweler in the 1920s (and purchased her first piece of Faberge from Pierre Cartier!). One of her more exotic pieces, IMHO, is the fourth choice in the cellphone pack of card-stock images: a necklace of  amethyst, diamond and turquoise (1950). My personal jury is still out on the question of whether this combo–large deep-purple cut amethysts separated by filigree-type work inlaid with the small opaque pieces of turquoise–really works. You can make up your own mind by visiting Hillwood’s current special exhibit, “Cartier: Marjorie Merriweather Post’s Dazzling Gems,” on view through December 31, 2014. It’s not a large show–a small gem, you might say.

–Nancy McKeon

Hillwood Museum, 4155 Linnean Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20008; 202-686-5807, Adult admission, $15 suggested donation, $12 for seniors; Cartier exhibit included in the admission.

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2 thoughts on “Rockin’ the Rocks

  1. Rebecca GA says:

    Hillwood’s gardens and collections are as much fun as Marjorie’s jewels! It’s a great girls’ day out!

  2. Carol says:

    Love this! Will order couple for Christmas gifts

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