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September 9, 2014




IT’S ONE OF THOSE fashion conundrums that when it’s 85 degrees Fahrenheit outside, we’re photographing clothing you could wear in a deep freeze (and, boy, did we have a  lot of clothing). Such was the case in mid-August when MyLittleBird headed to New York to shoot the September issue of the Washington Post’s FW (Fashion Washington) magazine. Paper artist Brook Mowrey came to our rescue, fashioning a fall fantasy of paper leaves and thistles, the backdrop for the season’s trends of oversize coats, cozy knitwear, rich brocades and fun furs. Kind of makes you feel a stiff breeze coming.

Go to the FW site for more fall fashion;  here are some peeks at what went on behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

–Janet Kelly


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