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Blanket Statements

September 30, 2014


I LIKE TO REFER TO this time of year–from the beginning of October through late November and early December–as the “wonder” months (March through early May is another such period). As in, I wake up and wonder what I’m going to wear every day because the weather is so fickle. It’s chilly in the morning, warms up by afternoon and then turns colder again by evening. Which is why I’ve been looking with envy at the capes and blanket-style coats showing up on fashion sites and in stores.  It could be the ideal transition piece to wear during these in-between times of year, before you need to haul out the heavy coat and tights.

The downside of the style is it can be difficult to pull off if you’re vertically challenged or carry around any excess girth. Not to be easily discouraged, though, MyLittleBird asked D.C. stylist Bonnie Kogod for suggestions on how to take advantage of this trend without either looking unattractively bulky or as if  you’re actually wearing a blanket.

A general rule of thumb: Keep the layers under the coat or cape simple and/or lean. Think trim jeans,  a camisole under a silk shirt and ankle boots.

See photos above with Bonnie’s tips on how to wear the style well.

–Janet Kelly





2 thoughts on “Blanket Statements

  1. Nancy Gold says:

    Glad you noted items for those of us “vertically challenged”. Love this look.

  2. DL says:

    Very timely and helpful-time to bring out stored and vintage capes and drapes. Cute about “wonder”.

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